Make Great Pizza!

Il Pizzaiolo is a locally owned traditional Italian wood-fired pizza restaurant. We cook pizza the real way, at 800 degrees in a wood burning oven. Our dough is hand-made and hand stretched.  Our sausage, meatballs, croutons and dressings are also hand-made. All of our ingredients are fresh and we buy locally when available.   


The Italian influence of our pizza does not stop at the dough and oven; it defines the culture of our restaurant.  In Italy a pizzaiolo is not simply a job, it is a craft. It is an honorable position held by highly skilled people who love what they do and the people they serve.  Even though a pizza cooks in 90 seconds inside these ovens, it is still considered a slow food as it promotes local products and centuries-old traditions of food production and preparation.     


We are looking for people who share the same sentiments about food service and pizza.  Il Pizzaiolo is still in its infancy and this is your chance to be a part of, and grow with, a truly innovative company that cares strongly about the culture behind the food it makes and the people who help make it. 

Team Member: Team members do not require any special qualification. Any individual at least 18 years of age (or 14-17 w/valid work permit) can join the restaurant team. They are assigned duties like welcoming guests, taking orders, prepping and serving food, cleaning, delivering orders, arranging kitchen and other similar tasks. Pay: $12.00-$13.00/hr based on experience and skills, plus tips.

Pizzaiolo:  A tiring, hot, highly skilled but extremely rewarding position.  Heck, we even named the place after you! You are the last person to see the pizza before it goes into the oven and the first to see it when it comes out.  But the main part of your job involves what happens in between. Your eyes will stay on the oven at all times, constantly monitoring and maneuvering numerous pies at a time. This is a high energy and demanding position, prior restaurant experience a plus and prior pizzaiolo experience a BIG plus. Pay: $13.00-$15.00/hr based on experience and skills, plus tips.


Assistant Manager: You will be the cog that makes the whole place run smoothly. You should have lots of energy and even more passion about the craft and quality of the food. Your enthusiasm should be infectious. You will ultimately be involved with every aspect of the restaurant-from dough management to finished product. You need to be coachable and willing to be a hands-on manager. Prior restaurant experience is necessary, and prior management experience is a plus. Pay: $15.00-$17.00/hr based on experience and skills, plus tips.


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Il Pizzaiolo Job Application (pdf)